Community Movie Screenings

c and j presenting

JK Youth Leaders Jaelynn and Christian leading a discussion about the movie “Young Kids, Hard Time.” Photo by Kevin R.

The Core Alliance of Youth Leaders hosts movie screenings to give community members insight into how youth charged as adults are being treated in the criminal justice system. Movie screenings are valuable because they bring the facts about youth charged as adults to life. People hear stories about youth charged as adults in the media. They are shown as animals that deserve to be charged as adults and locked up. In the films people see and hear youth’s testimonies and learn more about the accused youth and it challenges and changes their perspective on whether youth should be charged as adults.

 Join us for our next movie screening on Thursday, April 25th at 5pm at the Hamilton Branch Library!

Community Movie Screening Flyer - JKP-04-25-13

-Christian B. and Kevin J., Youth Leaders

Heads up – the video below is NOT a Just Kids’ video. It is an ad.


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