INFOGRAPHIC: Maryland’s Youth In The Adult Criminal Justice System


This week is the first week of the Maryland General Assembly! Just Kids is working on legislation that will ensure that ALL youth charged as adults are held safely and securely in juvenile detention centers and not adult jails.  But, we can’t do this alone we need YOU.

Over the next three weeks we are releasing three infographics to explain the problem, solution and how the system will change so you can help us fight in Annapolis!

Want to stand with Just Kids?  Here are ways you can help us to ensure that youth in Maryland are held in juvenile detention centers.

  • Join our “Act Now” listserv!  This list serve will provide you will weekly updates on the legislative processes, alert you of when it’s time to act and provide you with talking points to share with your colleagues and family.
  • Share this infographic on Facebook and Twitter (using the share buttons below) and ask your friends and followers to stand with you: “During this legislative session I am standing with Just Kids so that no youth are held in adult jails pretrial.  Stand with us by joining the ‘Act Now’ listserv to keep up to date with the campaign.”

Together we can make this change!


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