INFOGRAPHIC: Current System VS. Proposed System

systems comparison

Last week we shared with you how we can change the way Maryland treats its youth charged as adults this legislative session. All youth should be held safely and securely in juvenile detention centers before trial instead of the adult system, where they are not required to offer counseling, rehabilitative or educational services, and where youth are more likely to harm themselves or be harmed.

Our infographic this week illustrates what the system will look like when the policy change is implemented. The only change: youth will be held in juvenile detention centers instead of adult jails before their trials.

Please join Just Kids to make the solution a reality. Here are three ways you can help us to ensure that youth in Maryland are held in juvenile detention centers:

  • Join our “Act Now” listserv!  This list serve will provide you with weekly updates on the legislative processes, alert you of when it’s time to act and provide you with talking points to share with your colleagues and family.
  • Share this infographic on Facebook and Twitter (using the share buttons below) and ask your friends and followers to stand with you: “During this legislative session I am standing with Just Kids so that no youth are held in adult jails before trial.  Stand with us by joining the ‘Act Now’ listserv to keep up to date with the campaign.”

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